#MagicWinter Challenge
Winter is our favorite time of year and it is slowly but surely
approaching us!
As we have users from 140 countries, it might be really fun
and interesting to embark on a trip around the world and explore the customs and traditions of other cultures.
Do you know that the Japanese queue in cafes to buy
enormous baskets of KFC chicken for lunch on 25 December?
Or maybe you have heard that the Poles make 12 different
dishes and every single family member should try each one in
order for an upcoming year to be fruitful.
Record a short video to share your winter traditions and customs with others!
Compare others' traditions to yours,
make new friends, win prizes, and celebrate winter in a New way :)
Dream vacation
Challenge Timeline
01 Dec
Official Start
Explore the materials and learn how you can participate!
10 Jan
Submission Deadline
Record and submit your video for a chance to win prizes!
13 Jan
Winners Announced
Our jury will select and award the most relevant videos.
14 Jan
People's Choice Award
We will award the videos that will get the most likes and comments.
Chat and Learn
Discuss your ideas with friends
Win & Vote
Watch the videos of other students, like, comment and get inspired!
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