#DareToBeHappy 2.0
“Happy is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling.“
Margaret Lee Runbeck, American poet and writer
When it comes to happiness, what do you think is the most
important element? Is it money or fame? Is it good health or
superior intelligence? We believe, it is awareness. Have you
ever found yourself under pressure when suddenly something
from the past makes for an amusing memory that refreshes
both soul and body with new energy?
Dream vacation
August is the month to make changes that will positively impact your life.
For 21 days, Elvis will be sending you daily activities for different perspectives
on happiness through direct messages and iDialogue app!
Join in so we can all work towards a happier future together.
🎬 Please record a video about the 5 things you do to feel happier and upload it into the Challenge section.
🏆 All participants will get certificates and badges and the winners will get prizes from iDialogue!
Challenge Timeline
02 Aug
Official Start
Explore the materials and learn how you can participate!
30 Sep
Submission Deadline
Record and submit your video for a chance to win prizes!
01 Oct
Winners Announced
Our jury will select and award the most relevant videos.
02 Oct
People's Choice Award
We will award the videos that will get the most likes and comments.
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