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Welcome to world of impactful learning!
iDialogue was founded in 2018 with the mission of making education impactful and accessible on a global scale through peer-to-peer and classroom connection, communication and collaboration.
Realizing the rapidly changing landscape of technology and education, our team looked to create a central location; which takes the heavy lifting out of global education, and provides teachers and students with a personalized learning experience through community and content without sacrificing the creativity or curriculum needs.
Today, we empower educators, learners and families with tools to conduct cultural exchanges, collaborate with other classrooms globally, and complement classes with virtual field trips and live sessions with guest speakers.

Who we are

We are good folks with strong values. We’re nothing if not passionate about
what we do. And at the center of that is a culture that celebrates our diversity
and brings together thinkers from all over the world.
Maria Poltorak
Natalia Bout
Co-Founder & CEO
Olesia Alexandrova
Co-Founder & CMO

Our advisors

Jeff Remmington
National STEM Teacher
Ambassador. Has received
Presidential Award for Excellence
in Science and Mathematics
Becki Cohn-Vargas
An educator, bullying prevention
specialist, author, and speaker
focused on inclusion, compassion
and belonging.
Dave Potter
Founder of Global Ready Partners.
A specialist in online education
focused on inclusivity and equality.

What we do

We create a learning experience that is social, adaptable, personalized, and global!
Improve Engagement
We believe that students learn best when they are actively involved. iDialogue improves student attitude toward education, thanks to its ability to keep students engaged. Boost in motivation in turn helps to significantly improve students’ achievements and teachers’ satisfaction.
Encourage Collaboration and Teamwork
We help students to rediscover the value of deep conversation and connection around inspiring ideas. Through collaboration with peers from 150 countries students develop 21st-century skills, explore cultures and build meaningful friendships with peers from all over the globe.
Spark Creativity and Curiosity
With iDialogue students are invited to travel around the globe with no passport, no plane tickets and no luggage. Our activities spark curiosity in students and encourage them to dig deeper. This has a positive impact on the overall academic performance.
Foster Life Skills Training
By utilizing guest speakers, experts, and professionals to help further learning in the classroom, teachers are able to provide deeper learning and mastery of subjects while also showing students the relevance of their education.

How we do it

iDialogue provides students and teachers with a wealth of tools and real-world learning initiatives, sourced from global organizations and customized to their educational goals and curiosity, followed by action items where they can put their learning to work in their own communities to create impact.
Engaging teaching tools
Tech issues often disrupt work. We bring virtual classrooms, assessments, and video lessons under one roof. Available on mobile and desktop! Reduced friction creates higher usability, and thus engagement.
Peer-to-Peer Learning
Our collaborative tools bring education to life! Students connect with peers from different countries through live discussions, debates and other interactive learning activities. Interactive materials engage students in discussion and help develop critical thinking, cultural awareness, and social-emotional skills.
Virtual Field trips
We provide students with access to virtual tours, and unique extracurricular experiences curated by ambassadors and partners around the world. These immersive, virtual activities include topics such as Indian cuisine from Calcutta, sustainability from Costa Rica and design thinking from Silicon Valley.
Power Hours with Guest Experts
Working together with guest speakers and organizational partners, we facilitate on-demand career power-hours led by the world leading experts ranging from NASA Astronauts and Engineers to Best selling Authors and Thought Leaders.

Why we do it

We want to ignite youth worldwide to overcome social and geographical differences to create a real difference. Our programs implement the core principles of sustainable education to benefit students, teachers and the society they live in.
At iDialogue we strive to integrate academical life into the real life of students combining it with meaningful interaction with peers from all over the world. It drastically improves their motivation and results in higher academical outcomes.
iDialogue seeks to realise the potential that resides within all of us and the benefits that we can receive by helping to build a sympathetic, well-educated, self-sustainable global community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make education impactful and accessible on a global scale through
peer-to-peer and classroom connection, communication and collaboration.
“The mission of Ubuntu Mail is to spread global cultural understanding and implement real, self-sustainable change in the world.”
— Maria Negliad
Short Term Goals
We want to help students thrive in our interconnected world as they develop creativity, compassion, intercultural communication skills, and global citizenship.
Long Term Goals
We want to contribute to sustainable globalisation by helping address the issues of cultural bias and isolation amongst students of diverse communities around the world.

Our Contacts

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